08.04.2009 - The birds are flowing in

Today a black swan was spotted in Alftafjordur and also in this area there were greylag geese, barnacle geese and pink-footed geese.  At the lakes in Djupivogur the red-breasted mergansers have arrived in big flocks and today and there were also spotted tufted ducks, greater scaups and long tailed ducks at the lakes.  A loon pair has also settled down at Nyjalon in Djupivogur.  This is proves that spring is here and the nest days are something to look forward to. It will be very interesting to sit down in the bird hut and watch the birds arrive at the lakes.




Flying greylag geese

Barnacle geese

Pink-footed geese

Tufted ducks

Red-breasted merganser

Greater scaups

Long-tailed duck